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Faith speaks to reason—and reason responds.

In the beautiful tension of the two, we find eternal truth. God gifted us our intellects so that we can hear the symphony of dialogue between faith and reason. But, as with all important conversations, it’s imperative to ask the question—are we listening?

Join Father Dave Pivonka, TOR '89, president of Franciscan University of Steubenville, as he shines the light of faith and reason on culture, science, politics, the arts, and current issues through lively, in-depth conversations with friends.

"Faith and reason are like two wings upon which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God has placed in the human heart the desire to know the truth — in a word, to know himself — so that by knowing and loving God, men and women can come to the fullness of the truth about themselves."


Franciscan University Presents

The Genesis of Gender

What is the gender paradigm? Does the human body have something to say about human personhood? Can good Catholics be good feminists? Dr. Abigail Rine Favale, professor in…

Overcoming the Vice of Acedia

What’s the vice of acedia, and why is it something most of us need to fight? How is it both apathetic and frenzied? How do we overcome it?…

The Catholic Church and Slavery

Is slavery an exclusively white European sin? Did the Catholic Church really wait until the 20th century to speak out against slavery? Does the Bible justify slavery? Dr.…

Living as Catholics in Exile

Join Host Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, panelists Dr. Regis Martin and Dr. Shane Owens, and special guest Dr. Scott Hahn, the Fr. Scanlan Professor of Biblical Theology and…

Our Sorrows and the Seven Sorrows Rosary

Can we learn to suffer without complaining? How can praying with Mary’s sorrows help us embrace our own sorrows and bring us consolation? What does Mary promise to…

Priesthood in the Bible

What does priesthood in the Old Testament have to do with the Catholic priesthood? Didn’t Jesus do away with the Levitical priesthood, Temple worship, and bloody sacrifices? How…

Unity of Body and Soul

Can a person be born in the wrong body? Why does the Church insist that there are only two sexes? How do we accompany someone struggling with gender…

Love Basics From Scripture

How is the Bible the “Book of Love”? Did God create the world for marriage? What do marriages in the Old Testament tell us about God’s relationship with…

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