For over three decades, Franciscan University Presents has aired monthly on EWTN for over three decades and discussed a range of topics with some of the world’s top Catholic scholars, thinkers, and leaders.


Dec 2023

Our Sorrows and the Seven Sorrows Rosary

Guest: Immaculée Ilibagiza

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November 2023

Priesthood in the Bible

Guest: Father Anthony Giambrone, OP

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Sep 2023

Love Basics From Scripture

Guest: Dr. John Bergsma

How is the Bible the “Book of Love”? Did God create the world for marriage? What do marriages in the Old Testament tell us about God’s relationship with…...

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Aug 2023

Free to Be Holy

Guest: Matt Lozano

What is holiness? Is holiness something we can achieve? How can we live a holy lifestyle? Matt Lozano, author of Free to Be Holy: Discovering Who You Are…...

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Jul 2023

Forming Young Catholic Leaders

Guest: Peter Blute

How does a young Catholic professional live an authentic faith life? How can we see the dignity of professional work? And are faith and career success compatible? Peter…...

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Jun 2023

The Scriptural Vision of Man and Woman

Guest: Dr. Nina Heereman

Why did God make us male and female? What did God mean when he made woman to be a helper for man? What is a genuine Scriptural understanding…...

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May 2023

Holy Is His Name

Guest: Dr. Scott Hahn

What does it mean to be holy? What does Scripture teach us about holiness and covenant? Can we become holy like Jesus? Dr. Scott Hahn, the Father Michael…...

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Apr 2023

Healing Life’s Hurts

Guest: Dr. Matthew Breuninger

How does Christ heal emotional suffering? What’s standing in the way? How do we overcome the wounds that keep us in bondage? Dr. Matthew Breuninger, author of the…...

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Mar 2023

Healed and Transformed

Guest: Heather Khym

In our life journey, are we thriving, or just surviving? Are the traumas and sins of our past holding us back? Do we truly believe that the Lord…...

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Feb 2023

Art and Beauty in the Catholic Tradition

Guest: Stanley Konopka

Is beauty a necessity or a luxury in faith and worship? Isn’t beauty a matter of personal preference? What does beauty have to do with dogma? Stanley Konopka,…...

Jan 2023

Learning From Illness and Suffering

Guest: Dr. Katharina Westerhorstmann

What does it mean to be human? Can human vulnerability help us understand our own humanity more deeply? Can we learn to live through suffering? How can illness…...

Dec 2022

Trusting in Jesus

Guest: Sister Faustina Maria Pia Bianchi, SV

What does it mean to trust in Jesus? And what do we stand to gain if we can overcome our fears? Sister Faustina Maria Pia Bianchi, SV, author…...

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