Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, and Dcn. Bob Rice see hope and humor in a crazy world! Sports, family life, theology, and superheroes are recurring topics in their weekly conversations. Join Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob as they see reasons for hope all around us.

Fr. Dave and Bob talk about the wisdom of parental deception, the Oscars, the 25th anniversary of Fr. Dave’s ordination, St. Gianna Molla, and St. Catherine of Siena.


Fr. Dave and Bob discuss the (almost) perfect game, the Derek Chauvin trial, and the anchor of hope. Also, they argue about superpowers. Also, we talk about a…...


Fr. Dave and Bob recorded this podcast way past their bedtimes, but somehow found a way to say something inspirational about living with Easter joy.


Fr. Dave and Bob are giddy with excitement about Easter week! They share their experiences of the Easter Vigil, fond memories of John Paul II, and why they…...


Fr. Dave and Bob talk about the beauty of the Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil.


Fr. Dave and Bob talk about basketball, marathons, family schedules, and the feast of the Annunciation.


Fr. Dave is back in America but his luggage is not. He and Bob talk about Daylight Saving Time, summer conferences, St. Patrick (pray for Ireland!), and St. Joseph.


Fr. Dave calls in from Iraq and shares stories about the faith of Iraqi Christians, the power of forgiveness, and the hope Pope Francis brought to the people there.


Bob shares some emails, Fr. Dave talks about the Equality Act, and they both discuss how to “boast in hope” in a post-Christian culture.


Fr. Dave and Bob talk about the Mars landing, Franciscan households, and love for the Pope and the Church.


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