Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, and Dcn. Bob Rice see hope and humor in a crazy world! Sports, family life, theology, and superheroes are recurring topics in their weekly conversations. Join Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob as they see reasons for hope all around us.

Fr. Dave and Bob talk about the Mars landing, Franciscan households, and love for the Pope and the Church.


Bob hates Lent, Fr. Dave loves it, and they both discuss ways to get the most out of it.


Surprisingly, the Super Bowl was NOT the best thing about Bob’s weekend. Fr. Dave and Bob talk about retreats, healing, patience, and something about a banana.


Honestly, the beginning of this podcast is utter nonsense, but Fr. Dave and Bob redeem themselves by talking about St. Blaise, the many graces of the Mass, and…...


Fr. Dave and Bob talk about birthdays, March for Life, Scriptures of hope, and conversion.


Fr. Dave and Bob talk sports (AGAIN!), the inauguration, Christian unity, and the conversion of St. Paul.


Fr. Dave and Bob discuss football (Tampa Bay), fellowship, the chaos in D.C., and finding God in the “ordinary.”


Fr. Dave and Bob discuss football, politics, baptism, and how happy they are to be in 2021.


Fr. Dave and Bob talk about what they love about Christmas (spoiler: it has to do with Jesus) and resolutions for the new year.


Fr. Dave and Bob talk about the Christmas Star, what makes a Christmas movie, and how excited they are about the Year of St. Joseph.


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